Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sam and Sarah's Tree

It sits right outside my door. I walk past it everyday. Now there are green leaves and beautiful yellow and red tulips and daffodils around them. My thoughts and memories go back to two young people every time I see this beautiful scene.
You've read about, if you've kept up with this blog, the two teenagers we have lost over the last several years. Sarah was murdered in cold blood and to this day the perpetrator has not been apprehended. The other was a young Boy Scout named Sam who died at Little Sioux Scout Camp nearly two years ago when a tornado destroyed the camp. I have missed seeing them grow up. I missed seeing them grow from adolescence to adulthood. Sarah would have been in college by now, Sam would have been a sophomore in high school. We would have kidded him about driving. We would have kidded her about what she was majoring in....or something else. I miss these kids, but I love the gentle reminder I get every day. A reminder that says that we should make sure we take each day as it comes. Enjoy those who are around us. Love more deeply. Make each moment count. We have no guarantees of tomorrow...only the eternity God promises, so make it count today. JW