Monday, November 14, 2011

Stained Glass Churches

We have a beautiful building. Our speaker on Sunday commented that he could tell that our church building was not built by a Church of Christ architect because of the design. It's a building in the round and it has a lot of stained glass. We all chuckled at the thought.
But as I contemplated what he said, I started to look at the glass. From the outside, as people drive by I'm sure there are those who would say, "What a beautiful building! Look at that stained glass." If they judge what is on the inside by what is on the outside, they would we are just the best people. But on the inside, we have people with problems. They are struggling with life. Some are hypocrites. Some are only Sunday Christians (if there is such a thing). But we have our problems. Still, wonderful people as a rule, but sinners nonetheless.
Those of us on the inside can't see out because of the windows. Interesting concept....can't see outside because the windows are stained glass. Sometimes we sit in our little enclosed pen and the world passes by and we don't see the problems that await right outside our doors because we can't see it. I'm praying now that we don't live in the stained glass church building. It's my desire to see us living in the world but not of the world. I want us to see what's happening so that we can show them Jesus. Not our church. Not our doctrine. Not our belief, per se. But Jesus. When they see Jesus, then they'll want to know more about us. Let's pray that's what happens. Have a great day.