Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Leaky Faucet

I related this story in Sunday's sermon, but it bears repeating in the blogosphere. Last week I had gone to the restroom to do what men (and women) do in restrooms....rest. Anyway, I heard the water in the faucet running. Being the good steward that I am and not wanting to waste any water, I went to the sink to turn off the faucet that someone so carelessly had left so that a tiny stream of water was running.
When I turned the knob to the right, just the opposite of what I expected happened. Instead of the water shutting off, it blasted into the sink. In was flowing so hard that the drain didn't have time to, well, drain it. The sink was filling up quickly and I could just see the water filling the sink and then onto the floor. So I sprang into action. "Aha," I thought. "This must be one of those faucets that's confused and must be turned the other way in order to shut the water off. So valiantly turned the faucet the other way to shut this dramatic flow of water.
Now at this point, everything went into slow motion. When I turned the knob the other way, it came off into my hand. Now the water wasn't flowing through the spigot, it was flying horizontally out of the hole where the knob had been. So now I didn't have to worry about the sink flowing over onto the floor. The water was shooting out of the hole directly onto the floor....and the wall...and the extra toilet paper kept on the other side of the room....and me. Remember now, the scene is in slow motion. I dropped to my knees and crawled to the turn-off valves under the sink and cranked the first one I came to. Nothing happened because it was the hot water valve I turned. I reached for the other shut off and was able to get the water turned off, but not until it had made an utter mess of the bathroom. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom.
Isn't this how Satan deals with us. We going about our daily life and just doing what we do. Then something comes up....it doesn't look too bad, it's harmless. Perhaps it's a temptation. Maybe something that just catches our eye and we say, "Just this once. After all it's just a small thing. Just this time." Pretty soon that "just this once" ends up being the knob in your hand and everything out of control. Never underestimate the enemy. The Bible says he's a roaring lion. I can understand that one. But it also says he can disguise himself as an angel of light. That one's harder to spot. So be careful out there. Don't get into situations that quickly can get out of control. Instead, be vigilant. Be ready. Satan left Jesus after tempting Him, but for a more opportune time. So next time you turn that faucet knob, remember this little tale. Have a great day! JW