Monday, November 30, 2009

In All Circumstances

My daughter fussed at me because I haven't written a new post recently. I suppose it's time since I haven't written since Veteran's Day. This comes from the girl (actually, she's a 26 year old married young woman) who yells at houses decorated with Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, "It's not Thanksgiving yet!" I love it. She understands. She gets it.
In our marketing world, we want to make sure we get the jump on the competiton. I'm surprised we haven't started the "lose weight" commercials yet capitalizing on the first of the year resolutions. Perhaps the next thing we'll see is a fireworks stand getting ready for the 4th of July. She wants things to slow down and remember to be thankful. I think it's a prerequisite to being one of God's children. "...give thanks in all circumstances..." the apostle Paul says. He's right. And my daughter is right. Let's not rush this. Besides, I think this whole season of the year is a period of Thanksgiving. Thank you for the bounty we enjoy. Thank you for our families. Thank you for Your Son. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! This season of thanksgiving goes from January 1 to December 31. Okay, now we don't have to yell at the houses as we go by, Meredith. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

On my credenza in my office is a smooth, triangular rock that's about two inches across. I picked it up from the beach in 2004 when my family and I ventured to the beaches of Normandy. The 10 minute hike down the path from the upper promontory where the Germans had all of their guns and soldiers was well worth the trip. As I turned and looked up, I noticed we stood in a bowl surrounded on three sides by the hills of Northern France. The trees have grown up on the hillside, whereas in 1944 Rommel had burned all of the vegetation. I'm not military strategist, but it was obvious that our troops were sitting ducks. Down in a valley, surrounded on three sides, with all the wrath of the German military bearing down on them. The only way we were able to overcome was by sheer numbers. They couldn't kill our soldiers fast enough. Many of America's sons left their blood and their lives on that beach on June 6, 1944. Many never came home as attested by the cemetery at the top of the hill with all the crosses and stars of David standing at attention. Those brave men were not allowed to see their children, their wives, their families ever again in this life....and they did it so that I could live in a country where I can speak freely. Where I am not worried about stating my political views. Where I can preach every Sunday without the police storming our assembly and telling me to stop. I can go where I want. Do what I want to do. Say what I want to say.
Freedom. What a wonderful word. I enjoy freedom because there were men and women who sacrificed their lives on foreign soil so that I could be free. That is something to never forget. I think it's appropriate that Veteran's Day is in the same month we celebrate another American holiday, Thanksgiving. These two go hand in hand as we think back on the blessings of liberty and posterity. Thank you to our veterans and soldiers who have given us this precious gift of freedom. And thank you God, for giving us your Son so that we can enjoy Your gift of freedom.
This rock will sit on my desk today in plain sight reminding me of these wonderful people in our military. Thank you! JW