Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Working Out at the Gym

There's nothing profound in my blog today. Just some observations from the gym. Yes, I have been working out at the gym. I know it doesn't appear so, but I have been fairly consistent over the last three months. Lately, I have fallen off, (i.e. Thanksgiving and then a serious chest cold), but I'm trying to get back in. Here are some things I've noticed where I work out. Some of the things are observations while others are just things I've noticed.

1. I find it interesting that people who work out at the gym try to get the parking spot closest to the door. (I know some will say they want to stay out of the cold, but shouldn't it be important to begin the workout by walking some distance to the door?)
2. The tighter the clothes, the fatter (ahem), larger the body.
3. I don't have enough tattoos to work out at this gym. I've seen legs covered, chests, arms, anywhere the clothes haven't covered there are tattoos. I say I don't have enough tattoos....I don't have ANY tattoos.
4. I honestly saw a guy working out in sunglasses the other day. What? Is the mob trying to find him? Are the lights so bright that he can't see? (I know, I know, some of you will say, "He just might have had some surgery to his eyes and the light bothers him. If he had surgery to his eyes, WHAT IS HE DOING WORKING OUT!!)
5. Big torsos, little legs. I'm not talking women here. I'm talking about these guys who bulk up their chests, but it looks like they have these little, tiny legs.
6. Why do people who look as if they have been in the concentration camps of World War II work out. I'm afraid their bones are going to snap.
7. The other day I saw a guy on one of the stationary bikes (I don't know what they call these bikes, but you recline slightly to do them) working on a cross word puzzle. Now if you are doing a cross word puzzle, how much exercise is really going on? I've seen others reading books. I get that a little bit more, but a cross word. How can you read what you've written?
8. I've noticed in the sauna that people wear their head phones to their Ipods, but you can still hear the music. Have I told you that I don't like rap music?
9. People tend to brag a lot in these places. Two examples. I heard two guys talking the other day and one told the other that he at one time held the world record for the 100 meter dash. Now, without being obvious, I just had to look. Then I heard him say, "Did you know I only had one leg?" "11.6 was my time." Maybe...maybe not. The other example isn't really bragging, just ignorance. Sitting in the sauna one day, and it was pretty warm....aren't saunas supposed to be warm (hot). One guy talking to another about how hot it was in there. And the one guy said, "It was 208 degrees in here the other day." Now correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the boiling point of water 212 degrees? So he was saying it was only 4 degrees below boiling?

Oh, well, enough for now. These are just a few of the things I've noticed while working out. I'm sure there will be more. Hope your day is a good one. JW